Hamburg Port ceased to be a free port after 125 years

As of 1 January 2013, Hamburg port will no longer hold Freeport status.  What it means is that the Port of Hamburg then applies only the general regulations for Sea-customs-ports in the EU.  For customs supervision of goods via the Port of Hamburg there is some significant changes resulting from this development in terms of customs and the legal obligations on traders.

A few examples are:
∙ Goods to be imported into the EU directly need to have a customs clearance after arrival
∙ Non-Community goods may be stored only under customs supervision within the temporary storage or a customs warehouse.
∙ With deadline 1st January 2013, from the change of the free zone to the Seezollhafen (European Customer Seaport), all non-Community goods need to be stored in an approved customs warehouses or be announced for temporary storage.

It will be of utmost importance for affected companies that they need to adapt themselves earliest and make themselves familiar with the new situation and the changed customs regulations and use these to consider in terms of relevance to their own operations.

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Wednesday, 16th January 2013